Norman Pattiz Announces Launch of “Beyond the Darkness” Podcast

The new podcast, “Beyond the Darkness”, explores the paranormal, Norman Pattiz, the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne announced recently. PodcastOne is a leading advertiser-supported podcast network in the United States. This new podcast is unique and will feature educative and entertaining conversations with many celebrated researchers and experiencers, challenging all ideas that you have heard or currently hold about angels, demons, ghouls, miracles, ghosts, aliens, mysteries, and monster encounters. Tim Dennis, a radio producer and host, and Dave Schrader, a renowned author, will host the podcast and ensure new episodes are released every Monday.


Chris has stood out as one of the jewels of the PodcastOne network, according to Norman Pattiz.


Chris Jericho also said that he was pleased to announce the addition of this new podcast to the Jericho Network. Another thing that stoked him is the amazing ability of both Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis to bring their massive fanbases that fully believe in them and their subject matter alike. Because of this, he is optimistic that “Beyond the Darkness” will evolve their already mass of followers on The Jericho Network and scare the crap out of them in the process.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz, also popularly known as Norm, served as the chief executive officer of PodcastOne until June 23, 2016, and he has been an executive chairman at this organization from June 23, 2016. Since August 2010, he served as a consultant for Westwood One Inc. Also, Norman Pattiz founded WestwoodOne in 1974 and served as their chief executive officer from then until February 3, 1994.  Norman further founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 and most recently introduced PodcastOne.


Norman was appointed by President Clinton in 2000 and again by President Bush in 2002 to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. This board manages ll US nonmilitary broadcasting services including Radio Liberty, Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Free Europe, and The Voice of America. Other than his amazing background in broadcasting, Normal Pattiz serves the University of California as a regent and also the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories as the chairman. Moreover, he also serves as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Pacific Council on International Relations.

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