Fabletics Adds Physical Stores

The retail world is buzzing about Fabletics adding a large number of physical stores to their previous marketing strategy. Their success began with their introduction of an online retail clothing subscription site that primarily offered clothing to women. The clothing line was part of the acivewear movement that was sweeping across the country. However, the company was a bit different. They offered their customers a subscription based, membership service that delivered customized clothing straight to their home on a monthly basis. However, members were allowed to skip any month desired. Now, they are using the reverse showrooming technique to attract more customers to their stores.


How Does Fabletics’ Reverse Showrooming Work?

Fabletics was one of the first online retailers to discover that the reverse showrooming technique really worked to bring in more customers. Customers like to browse the Fabletics website, searching for the latest trends and clothing. They make their selections, based on the clothing that they review online. Instead of making the purchase online, they visit the physical store to make their purchases. Currently, it is estimated that over half the people that walk through the door are already “VIP Members.” Furthermore, another large percentage of non-members join in the physical store. This is actually, a very good accomplishment for Fabletics. Fabletics has discovered that reverse showrooming has led to the opportunity to increase their sales and customer base.


Why It Works

Of course, it is all about understanding the customer’s interest and taste in styles and clothing. The fact is that the Fabletics website holds a warehouse of information. They store all the information concerning customer preferences and make sure that the physical stores carry the same type of outfits. They combine this with other global and social media data to design stores that carry the type of clothing that satisfies the customer. Fabletics has experienced tremendous growth over the years. Insiders believe that it is due to their ability to collect data that follows global fashion trends, along with the ability to stock their stores with those trends.



Kate Hudson is an actress and the founder of Fabletics. The company is based upon her philosophy concerning creating clothing that inspired women to live a healthier lifestyle. Fabletics is defining a new way for the consumer to purchase their clothing online and is in a head to head competition with global giant, Amazon. In fact, their high quality clothing at affordable prices is taking control in a highly competitive market.


Fabletics is attracting attention across the country. One satisfied customer is Teri Hutcheon, the blogger behind A Foodie Stays Fit. In Terri’s review about Fabletics, she shares that she is a paying member of Fabletics and wears their workout clothes. She doesn’t know why everyone doesn’t join Fabletics VIP membership club. She enjoys the main perk, which is getting completely customized clothing personally designed for you each month. It is a great deal.

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