Giertz Discusses the Importance of Talking about Social Security

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Nationwide Financial’s David Giertz explains that advisers should be talking to their clients about social security.

A survey done through the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute revealed that most advisers were not talking to their clients about social security on Four out of five people also said that they would change advisers if their advisers weren’t talking with them about social security.

According to David Giertz, advisers aren’t talking about it because it’s a very complex topic. Understanding the rules and talking about it with confidence may be a factor in advisers avoiding the topic.

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But talking about it is important. Giertz states that those who turn on social security too early could lose up to $300,00 over 25 years. Early retirement starts at 62, but claiming those benefits too early results in a monthly reduction that adds up over many years. That’s why it is important to be informed about how social security works to create a sound retirement plan at

Giertz appeared in this article from CNBC speaking about the importance of creating a retirement income plan. Recent retirees and individuals ten years away from retirement don’t always optimize their retirement plan, and as a result receive a benefit less than what they expected.

David Giertz is a financial advisor residing in Dublin, Ohio with 31 years of experience and 4 exams passed. He maintains registration in 18 states. David Giertz manages portfolios for individuals at Nationwide Investment Service Corporation where he has been employed since 2006. Nationwide Investment Service Corporation participates in the security sales of life insurance and annuities and also offers investment advisory services.

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