Arthur Becker believes in the hidden power of real estate and that’s why he invests so heavily in it and develops enterprising establishments.Arthur’s recent development is at 465 Washington Street in Tribeca where he bought an eight-unit building which is projected to sell at slightly past $52 million. The investor plans to turn the building into an enterprising property complete with interior designs.

According to Curbed, the entrepreneur plans to have a penthouse duplex which will sell at roughly $14 million and seven luxury apartments. Each unit will be sold at approximately $5 million. Arthur Becker bought the property in Tribeca in 2012 from Peter Moore at slightly over $6 million who had defaulted on a slightly over $4.5 million loan.

So definitely this will be a huge investment for the entrepreneur. Becker has also bought adjacent property to develop the building further.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Baker is a contemporary artist, Real Estate investor, and a private technology investor.He is the current Managing Director of Madison Technology Group LLC, CEO and chairman of Zinio LLC and a Managing Member of Atlantic Investors, LLC. Previously the real estate investor, worked for NaviSite where he was a board member and CEO.The passionate photographer began his career as a home builder before moving to Real Estate investing and technological companies. He has also been a Macadamia farm manager in Hawaii.

In an article on Bloomberg, his passionate love for art led him to open his personal studio and he has held various exhibitions for his work. His work has also been displayed at Hal Katzen in New York, Arcature Fine Art in Palm Beach, Florida, Art Basel and Morgan Walker Fine Art.

Arthur Baker attended Bennington College and he attained a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts.

Arthur Becker is separated from his wife of 23 years Vera Wang, the bridal gown designer.

The couple has two daughters who they are raising mutually despite the separation. He was instrumental in her development from small time designer to a highly prized designer. The entrepreneur has been a chief consultant to the fashion company that belongs to Vera Wang for seven years and the separation hasn’t gotten in the way of their business.

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