Sweetgreen’s co-founders know a thing or two about creating healthy food and ultimately attracting a large demographic. The gourmet salad chain has expanded to 40 locations, with each location outsourcing ingredients locally. How did an original salad restaurant start up grow to such a caliber? Sweetgreen founders Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet took an entrepreneurship class together at Georgetown University.

After discovering a lack of healthy dining options on campus, the trio decided to take action. The co-founders opened their first Sweetgreen location upon graduation in August of 2007. Since then, Sweetgreen has transformed into a high-end salad chain with ordering available through its website or its very own mobile application.

Nathaniel Ru reported at least 30% of Sweetgreen orders are placed online rather than in person. With an eye for combining healthy ingredients and integrating local communities together, its no wonder Sweetgreen has been so successful.

The management style employed by Sweetgreen proves traditional management wrong as Sweetgreen shuts down corporate offices at least 5 times a year in order to work at physical locations. Customer-CEO interaction isn’t usually heard of, however this is what makes Sweetgreen different.

Nathaniel Ru graduated from Georgetown University with a Finance degree from the McDonough School of Business in 2007. After graduation Ru started Sweetgreen with fellow classmates. However, the journey has not always been easy for the co-founder. Ru stated being authentic is what has allowed his brand and company to take off.

What exactly does Ru mean by this? Starting from the source of ingredients all the way to the employee-customer interaction at restaurants, authenticity is maintained. Ru believes that authenticity isn’t the only thing responsible for Sweetgreen’s success.

Nathaniel Ru also attributes the success of his salad startup to teamwork as Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman make up the other part of Sweetgreen’s co-founder team.

After coming up with the idea to produce healthier food together, the trio raised $35,000 from friends and family to open their first Sweetgreen Restaurant.

Through the savvy salad chain restaurant’s journey, Ru believes passion and the ability to execute is how he captured the company’s early and original investors. Since 2007, the restaurant chain continues to expand and explore opportunities for growth.

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Practices Of Karl Heideck And Other Litigation Attorneys

Karl Heideck is a contract law attorney living in Jenkintown, Philadelphia. He is an alumnus of Swarthmore College where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts English and Literature major in 2003. He then joined James E. Beasley Law School a department in Templeton University where he graduated with a Juris Doctor, JD.

He, therefore, went ahead and started his career as an attorney in the Philadelphia. Here, Karl Heideck gained enormous experience where he was handling many clients and helping them in solving their cases.

His many years at Philadelphia Law firm nurtured his baby steps towards becoming a litigator and a corporate lawyer which is his main area of expertise. He also helps in solving law cases pertaining to managing risks in businesses such as those incurred during advertisements. Aside from handling court proceedings, he also writes legal articles concerning his works and easier ways of going about cases in court. Karl Heideck has achieved great success throughout his career having practiced for more than ten years.

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News reporters with a great interest in matters law came up with articles and reports on litigation attorneys, and their primary focus was on Karl Heideck. In the article, they discussed what litigation attorneys specialize, and this included cases concerning the following areas; crimes, property market and even those concerning individual injury. They went ahead and explained that most of the clients settle their cases out of courts hence only a few percentage make it to trials.

Looking at the livelihood of these lawyers, they spend most of their career working for private firms, and the few lucky ones get employed by the government. The state employs them as prosecutors for their criminal laws and also as district attorney for the towns in the United States of America. This class of lawyers also get to work for big companies like banks and even companies that insure clients against various risks according to martindale.com. These companies employ as many attorneys as possible to ensure speed and credibility of their cases.

Narrowing down to how the cases get solved, it requires a lot of effort and resources as stated in the article. This starts with investigations, gathering the necessary witnesses and shreds of evidence that are used in settling the cases. After all these, the attorneys settle in agreement with the lawyer for the other party. Various stages are involved before reaching the final verdict. All these struggles ensure the success and progress of these litigators.

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What Betsy DeVos Did To Get Started With Education And Free Market Ideas

When Betsy Prince DeVos was chosen by President Trump to take over the US Department of Education, many false stories were put out by the media in an attempt to sabotage her and lead people to believe she planned to institute educational policies that would favor wealthy families and destroy public schools. Nothing could’ve been further from the truth with the background that she has in making education more affordable and working to provide more options and opportunities to hard-working families. While Betsy DeVos has supported private and charter schools, she’s also helped bring many new learning programs to public schools and colleges across Michigan and the US.


Betsy DeVos got started with her ideas for education while she was a student at Calvin College. Her expertise is in business and she learned how a big company was run from her father, one of Michigan’s most successful innovators Edgar Prince. She married Dick DeVos Jr., the son of Amway Founder and Orlando Magic owner Richard DeVos Sr., and she worked alongside him while he was CEO of Amway and also served as co-Chair of the company she co-founded with him, The Windquest Group up until her nomination to be Education Secretary.


DeVos told Philanthropy Roundtable that it was being a parent that got her started in her education reform activities in Michigan. She saw many struggling families trying to send their children to private schools, and since Betsy also wanted these students to have a chance to get a better quality of education and attend college, she and Dick started the Education Freedom Fund and also joined the American Education Reform Council. It became apparent to Dick and Betsy that they needed to try and change what the state of Michigan allowed for private school tax credits in order to make attending them cheaper for students. As part of the 2000 election, she was able to fund an initiative for the election ballot that would give the voters an opportunity to have tax credits included in the constitution. It was voted against, but Betsy then continued to work elsewhere helping Indiana and Louisiana voters to pass their own reform initiatives.


Betsy DeVos later became head of the Great Lakes Education Committee, an organization that helped open more charter schools across Michigan. She and Dick also were the leaders behind an aviation school that opened up 7 years ago known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. In addition to serving on education scholarship committees, Betsy DeVos was also the chair of the Michigan Republican party where she organized fundraisers for both state candidates as well as presidential candidates including former President George W. Bush and 201 candidates Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. She distanced herself initially from President Trump, but then supported him after he adapted his platform and was all too happy to accept the US Education Secretary position.


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Todd Lubar Explains Current Real Estate Trends in Baltimore

Baltimore is one of the most beautiful cities based in the United States. For those who have never been to Baltimore, they need to take this chance and visit this state as it offers a wide range of real estate venture opportunities for those seeking a home of their dreams. This city is also called a charming city as far as the young age of professionals is concerned. While the state is losing numbers when it comes to the total population, it is giving you a better way of achieving your real estate dreams ahead of the expected population increase in the industry. Few people have succeeded seeking better business values in the extra-populated regions of the United States.

Todd Lubar has developed one of the strongest presence for those seeking better business value., the state is also known for being one of the most beautiful places to see in the country. It is coupled up with beautiful sceneries and a cool neighborhood if you are in the residential area of Baltimore city. According to The Brotalk, the city is also projected for further growth as more investors are streaming into the country. This means that we must also seek better business value if we are to stay in business for the longest time possible. The rate of growth in the state is dependent on many factors that can be attained for better business growth. Todd Lubar also advises that people willing to start a venture in the city must read further for more information. Visit Geeksnews to know more.

Todd Lubar is one of the most prominent business entities in the country. For over two decades of experience, Todd Lubar has worked to sustain the real estate needs of all his clients in the real estate industry. Perhaps this is the reason why his services are still adopted on a massive scale. Todd Lubar understands that a solution is only good for a client if it is tailored to suit their preferences and special needs. This is why he is seen as one of the best real estate agents seeking better business values in the industry. Todd Lubar is the CEO and Founder of the TDL Ventures Company.

Securus Technologies Transforms Jail Communication

Securus Technologies is definitely changing the game when it comes to creating a company that can help people communicate better. I know that this company is making the communication process easier for people that know others that are in prison. I can vouch for this because I have family members that have been incarcerated before. It has always been a pain in the past to connect with people through collect calls because this is so expensive. What I have learned over time is that technology has evolved and Securus Technologies is at the Forefront of video visitation technology for jails.


People that are incarcerated do not have to worry anymore about trying to make the expensive collect called that people may not accept. What I have learned is that you can set up an account with Securus if this company has software and a system setup for video visitation in a place where you know someone. If the inmate is incarcerated in one of these locations where Securus has a system in place you can set up a time to visit with this person. I believe that that has become one of the most interesting ways for people to stay connected without paying an overpriced phone bill.


I cannot speak for everyone else, but I know that I have saved quite a bit of money by utilizing Securus for video visitation. This company has truly made it easy for me to stay connected to family members that are in jail. I definitely do believe that more people are going to utilize this type of software in the future. It has made my life easier, and I think that many others will agree that it makes life easier for them as well. It has made communication from prison so much easier.