How Securus is an Influential Company Thanks to Rick Smith

As the CEO of Securus, Rick Smith knew what it would take to make prisons the way they should be. He wanted to help people realize they were actually getting the services they needed without worrying about all the issues that came from running a prison. Because it could be complicated, Rick Smith tried to ensure he was helping other people out with the issues they faced. In addition, he wanted to show others they would have a chance at a better future with their prison if they used the things he had put into place. The technology aspect of his business is what has made it so much different from other companies that are offering the same type of services. Visit for more info.

While Rick Smith has come up with many of the concepts for the business, he feels it is the people who are working directly with the prisons who are responsible for the success Securus has had in the past. Rick Smith Securus knew there would be many opportunities for people to try different things, but he didn’t know there would be such a surge in success when he started the business. Rick Smith has always tried to make sure Securus is a good company and it is providing people with the things they need while they are running a prison. The support Rick Smith provides through Securus is among the best in the business and gives everyone a chance to try different things.

The kiosk system is one of the most advanced pieces of technology available in prisons. Securus designed the kiosk system to make sure inmates had what they needed without the need for prison staff to waste their valuable time working on different things for prisoners. Securus knew it was going to be something they could benefit from so they took advantage of the different options available to them. They used the technology and showed prisons how to implement it so they could get the valuable help that came from the technology.

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When Rick Smith saw how successful the kiosks were, he felt it was a good idea to put them in prisons around the country. Now, every prison that contracts with Securus receives one of the kiosks. They are intended to make things easier on those who are running the prison instead of making life easier on the inmates, but it makes sense for them to help the prisoners with the issues they have. Happy prisoners are often easier to control. The whole idea of the kiosks is to make sure the prison is manageable. Controllable inmates are just one more thing that can be added to the process of making things easier on the prison staff. Read more on

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