Boraie Development is Changing New Jersey

The real estate market in the world has undergone several changes in the recent past. The United States has not been left behind in this transformation. The surging real estate market is slowly shifting to several states in the country such as New Jersey, and it is now threatening housing in some of the areas that are densely populated in the whole nation. In a recent survey by, experts say that New Jersey has the highest rates and shares when it comes to residential mortgages. Due to these changes, the state is currently one of the most profitable when it comes to real estate. The country has also experienced the emergence of numerous real estate companies that are looking forward to changing the lives of investors who want to invest in real estate. These companies have been doing well, despite the challenges in the market. One of these companies is known as Boraie Development.

Although many privately held real estate companies are based in New Jersey, very few have been able to meet the standard that has been laid by Boraie Development. The company has been in the market for more than twenty years now, and it has proven to all the people that it has the power to change the real estate market. The successful company was founded by one of the most influential businessmen in the country, known as Omar Boraie. The businessman has a lot of knowledge and expertise in real estate and the construction industry, and he has used this knowledge to make New Jersey a better place for all the communities living there. Under his leadership, the real estate company has been doing extremely well.

For many companies that want to venture into the real estate market, getting the working capital is the most difficult task. The industry needs a lot of funding so that a company can emerge to be successful, and this has played the leading role in the failure of many upcoming companies. Boraie Development has been fortunate to get all the working capital it needs from private sources. Several commercial banks have funded the projects that are carried out by the real estate company. This is why the company has managed to remain in the market, despite the challenges it has been facing in the competitive market.

Sam Boraie has been instrumental in the success of the company. While traveling to different parts of the world as a scholar, the businessman was able to see some exciting designs in several parts of the world, and he chose to bring the ideas to his home country. Read more on

The Career Background of Mike Baur

Mike was fascinated by Finance since he was a young boy. Since his teenage hood he wanted to get involved in finance, and as a result, he started his journey of entrepreneurship in the year 2014. At this point, he was 39 years of age, and after a while, he stated Swiss Startup Factory together with Max Mister and Oliver Walzer. The started a company which proved to be successful because currently, it is leading as the independent ICT start-up and in the privately financed institutions in the nation. This fact shows that as the CEO he has done his best to ensure his company shins in the country even after being established after many more financial institutions.

Baur spends most of his time concentrating on entrepreneurship programs among the youth where he acts as a mentor and provides support to a number of Startups in Switzerland. Mike also serves as the co-founder as well as the director of Swiss Startup Factory, a company which is well known for its performance. Through the success of the company, many entrepreneurs would like to be like him and achieve their goals in the finance field. He acts as a role model for many young people who intend to concentrate on finance and build their best out of it. They also benefit from lessons that help them in marketing their products across the globe. Mike was once a member of the jury in START Summiteer a pitching contest for start-ups held by Gallen University.


It is in the year 2016 when Mike earned the Deputy Manager Director title of Swiss Startup Factory when the company partnered with CTI Invest. Mike graduated from Berne University and Rochester University with MBA and Executive MBA respectively. Mike was also lucky because his profile was done by The Wall Street Journal, a journal that is known across the globe for covering respectable and successful individuals. This fact gives a clear impression that Mike Baur is successful and after his profile was done he was even motivated more to continue working hard. Baur is responsible for the fundraising events as well as financing rounds in Swiss Startup Factory.


Sawyer Howitt Plays Racquetball As Well

Sawyer Howitt is what many would call a business prodigy. The young entrepreneur is only a second semester senior but you wouldn’t be able to tell considering all the things he’s able to do. Since a young age he’s had a knack for business. Howitt understands the balance between being able to meet the operational and financial needs of a business while also realizing the importance of branding and connecting to consumers.

Now that we’ve spoken about his future in business, let’s talk about his current career. A lesser known fact about Howitt is he has a career as a racquetball player.

Though many people see racquetball as something middle aged men play at empty gymnasiums, there is a whole other side to the sport. Becoming a racquetball professional is a lot harder than you’d probably expect. An individual must be totally dedicated and willing to put in the time and effort it takes to be become pro. Many individuals set out on the path to become pro only to quit in the face of adversity when it gets rough.

When seeking to become an athlete in any sport it is important to set up a plan you think will work best for you. One must be very disciplined and focused to continue following a training plan that won’t yield any real results right away.

Time is very important when it comes to improving in general. Training results correlate exactly to the time invested by an athlete invests into training daily.

A coach can play a significant role in an athlete’s improvement. More than anything a coach effects an athletes’s motivation. I can’t think of any great sports professionals who haven’t attributed at least some of their success to coaching. A great coach can make an average player into a great one. Therefore, finding the right coach takes precedence.

Once an individual feels like their skills are up to par with some of the best racquetball players in the world the final step to becoming a professional racquetball player is finding a sponsor. It is the best way to fund your journey to becoming a professional racquetball player.