Jim Tananbaum Believes In Bringing Innovation To Healthcare

Jim Tananbaum surprises people when he says that innovation requires much more time as well as capital than what people think. However, it is something that provides a longer duration impact along with enduring value.

He is the founder of Foresite Capital and serves as a CEO there. It was in 2011 that Jim Tananbaum founded it as a private equity firm that was dedicated to healthcare. The focus of the company is in the identification of those healthcare leaders who are emerging. The aim is to help them to grow and become profitable. In order to achieve this, the company provides them capital, networks, along with other related information.

Jim Tananbaum is an electrical engineering major from Yale. He has done his M.D. as well as M.B.A. from Harvard. He has achieved his M.S. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jim Tananbaum has always been passionate about combining interdisciplinary hard sciences along with computer science as well as healthcare. This includes having several productive relationships with a number of leading academicians. His collaborators include George Whitesides from Harvard, besides Rick Klausner from NCI. Others include Roy Vagelos from Merck and Theravance, besides Bob Gunderson and Rick Levin from Yale.

He continues this evolution as he works across varying fields with prominent entrepreneurs as well as academicians. This is a period of changes and going into deep learning will reap rich dividends.

His idea for Foresite Capital comes from his over 25 years of experience in being an entrepreneur in healthcare besides being an investment strategist. He has had several experiences leading to his being able to identify the various success factors to help entrepreneurs and companies succeed in their business. He finds these factors as a part of science that is behind innovation. Besides, success lies with the teams that are able to make all this happen.

Foresite is truly designed in a way to understand the future of healthcare. Thus the company collects all available information about the advances in healthcare. This is assimilated to know what is needed that will impact healthcare the most. This determines the viable investment prospects offering high probabilities of success.

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