How One Man’s Near-Death Experience Lead to Improved Inmate Communication and Correctional Facility Safety

Seven years ago, corrections officer Robert Johnson was victim of an at-home in which he was shot multiple times in his stomach and chest and was rushed to the hospital to treat his wounds. He died twice on the table but miraculously survived the ruthless attack.


Johnson himself, remembers little from the incident other than hearing his front door kicked in and seeing the barrel of a gun. Looking back on the attack, he recalls how just a few days prior he and his team had intercepted a package at Lee Correctional Institution where he worked that was full of contraband estimated at $50,000.


Since surviving the attack, Johnson’s desire to keep contraband out of correctional facilities has grown and before long he was meeting with the Federal Communications Commission to speak on how to better control cell phone usage in prisons as they are inmates primary means of communication when seeking contraband shipments and seen as one of the top safety concerns for correctional officers and facility employees.


The FCC is responsible for regulating the airwaves that cell phone signals travel on and while they do have the ability to block or jam signals before they reach their intended destination, not all states are utilizing the technology needed to do so.


Today, Johnson is retired from the correctional facility but found employment working as a paid consultant for Securus Technologies in order to continue to fight against inmate communication and contraband.


With the companies Wireless Containment System (WCS), Securus Technologies aims to further secure communication streams between inmate and outside parties in a way that is highly controlled and monitored to increase user and employee safety. With this new system in place, inmates are able to use cell phones for necessary phone calls or text messaging which is beneficial when it comes to both booking and bailing out the inmate efficiently as well as give the inmates and staff access to things like books, video and audio libraries, forms, healthcare schedules and job assistance in a secure and concise way. With regards to contraband, using this system enables staff to monitor and record inmates conversations thereby increasing the likelihood that they catch and intercept a contraband exchange before the package ever comes to the facility.


In an effort to keep up with ever changing technology, Securus Technologies is already looking towards future implementations that could work with the WCS system such as reduced pricing plans for inmates, greater ease of use, video calling options, use of tablets and smart devices, improved educational opportunities and 24/7 communication availability. It is in as many ways improving the iname experience and enabling them the best chances at successful rehabilitation as it does provide safety and security for others in the facility.



Securus Technologies Transforms Jail Communication

Securus Technologies is definitely changing the game when it comes to creating a company that can help people communicate better. I know that this company is making the communication process easier for people that know others that are in prison. I can vouch for this because I have family members that have been incarcerated before. It has always been a pain in the past to connect with people through collect calls because this is so expensive. What I have learned over time is that technology has evolved and Securus Technologies is at the Forefront of video visitation technology for jails.


People that are incarcerated do not have to worry anymore about trying to make the expensive collect called that people may not accept. What I have learned is that you can set up an account with Securus if this company has software and a system setup for video visitation in a place where you know someone. If the inmate is incarcerated in one of these locations where Securus has a system in place you can set up a time to visit with this person. I believe that that has become one of the most interesting ways for people to stay connected without paying an overpriced phone bill.


I cannot speak for everyone else, but I know that I have saved quite a bit of money by utilizing Securus for video visitation. This company has truly made it easy for me to stay connected to family members that are in jail. I definitely do believe that more people are going to utilize this type of software in the future. It has made my life easier, and I think that many others will agree that it makes life easier for them as well. It has made communication from prison so much easier.


Security Solutions Through Technology

There is an increasing rate of crime in society, and what we need most are ways of proving the existence of the offense and the criminal. We need to show this without second guessing because some criminals are excellent at cleaning up after the act. Securus Technologies is a company that was founded in 1986. Its headquarters is in Dallas, TX. It has innovated crystal clear ways of acquiring the information that is tricky to avoid. They do this through enhancing communication technology. Securus Technologies aids in availing investigative information to investigators. It also connects prisoners to their families who live far from the hospital and offers essential knowledge to all.

Securus Technologies majorly works with correctional facilities, government institutions, and companies that provide security. The contraband cell phones that are used cannot connect to other mobile networks. This enables them to monitor the phone calls easily. They use the information as proof or as the missing link in an ongoing investigation depending on the consumer’s needs. There have been reduced cases of drug trafficking within correctional facilities and reduced scandals in government offices because the monitoring technology exposes everything about them. Investigators of crime scenes also use it. It is also efficient in preventing crime because it offers emergency response and incident management by connecting the victims with emergency responders.

Securus Technologies is the leading jail phone provider. They have achieved their aim in enhancing security in the correction centers. They also have correctional officers memorial fund. This is a fund that was developed to support the families of prison staff who pass on. Securus Technologies give back to society, and this shows that they care. This is enough to prove that the enterprise is not just in for money. It works to provide safety to everyone in its environs.

Inaccurate GTL’s Erroneous Press Release Fixed by Securus Technologies

According to a press release made on June 7, 2016, GTL made false claims about Securus Technologies that were pointed out and repudiated by the latter. The companies that provide correction services to inmates handle a variety of tasks ranging from inmate monitoring to parolee tracking, detainee communication, government information management systems etc. In the press release made by GTL, the company accused Securus of violating their patents. GTL also accused Securus of hounding their competitors into settling conflicts with terms that are only beneficial to them.


The company also provided a chart with details of patents they obtained. Securus, who also publically shared the number of patents and licenses the company has acquired, became an absolute victor for holding larger number of patents.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies maintains that they have never harassed its competitors into obliging with agreements and licenses. They also declared that they have always used their own original technologies and never breached any of GTL’s patents.


The company also went so far as to claim that they will do whatever it takes to defend their name and their future against misleading attacks. I think GTL needs to study their claims and its authenticity more clearly before they taint Securus’ name. At the same time, Securus must continue to defend their brand as long as they have evidence to disprove any wrongful allegations.


Securus Technology clearly is far more superior to GTL considering Securus’ expansive patent portfolio. As far as the integrity of Securus Technologies is concerned, the company has been verified and accredited by Better Business Bureau for industry best practices.