The Traveling Vineyard Links Party Guests With The Best Possible Wines

The Traveling Vineyard works with a team of experts to search the world for the finest possible wines at an affordable price for guests at its parties to enjoy and purchase. The company does not produce its own wines, but instead looks to all corners of the world in a bid to find the best possible varieties available for its customers to enjoy and order directly from a local Wine Guide with an extensive knowledge of the wines on offer; a Wine Guide is trained in a range of different aspects of wine tasting from navigating the flavors to pairing wine and food for the most positive impact on the taste buds.

A direct sales company, The Traveling Vineyard supplies each Wine Guide with a number of bottles of wine that can be tasted in the home of a party host who brings together a number of guests to sample the wines offered by the company. Direct sales means that orders are placed with the Wine Guide who then completes the order that is shipped out by The Traveling Vineyard, which then allows the Wine Guide to earn commission on the orders placed.

The way The Traveling Vineyard works allows each individual the opportunity to work as little or as much as they like to suit their own schedule and their monetary needs. One of the main reasons each Wine Guide benefits from the business model of The Traveling Vineyard is in the lack of an extensive inventory to be purchased and stored, instead a simple five bottle tasting kit complete with glassware and a small amount of equipment are all that is required for each Wine Guide to complete their work. There are also no monthly minimums or fees apart from a small maintenance fee required to update a constantly active Web presence for each Wine Guide to benefit from.

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Home-Based Wine Business Perfect For Wine Lovers

The Traveling Vineyard is a business trend for people who love wines and would like to earn money at the comfort of their homes.

Any regular person with no professional experience may join. Anyone who loves wine can turn their hobby into a home-based business. Basically, the business is about having their own wine tasting at their homes and they can earn money.

So, this is how it works – the Traveling Vineyard has a business model based on 5 Fs: Flexibility, Financial Reward, Fun, Fulfillment and Friendship that you can use for the business to market the wines and earn money. If you’re an interested stay at home mom who loves wines, you can schedule wine tasting with your friends or clients at your convenient time and get your paycheck regularly. You just need to sign up and get a success kit that eventually be sold to your other friends who want to start up their own. The success kit that they call includes the wine guide that you need to start and run the business. Through this you can have home tasting events and online sales that would add up to your pay check.

The Traveling Vineyard has a good name on social media now, and is reputable as a member of the Direct Selling Association.It is a hobby that can be developed as a career. You are not expected to sell wines, but just to market them, its not a very difficult job after all. Not only it has a low startup cost, it is easy to make money since wine is a consumable product.

A Fun Money Making Opportunity Selling Wine!

You can find a dream job! You can work at home and party at the same time. You can set your own hours, and determine when, and if, you are going to work. And, this work is more like play than work. How can you do this? Have a wine tasting party.

The Traveling Vineyard’s business model in simple, and unique. You’ve heard of parties and get-togethers to sell candles, crystal, make up, and many other items. Here is one, though, that’s a little different. Wine sells itself. You don’t have to put on a hard sell. You don’t have to convince anyone to buy the wine.

You will deal with fine wines from all over the world. The Traveling Vineyard collection has a wine to suit anyone’s tastes, be it dry or sweet, red or white, bubbly or smooth. There is a wine for everyone, and just about everyone loves wine. It will literally sell itself for you, so you don’t have to pressure anyone to purchase it.

Here is how it works:

You purchase a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting kit, and you invite your friends to your house for a wine tasting party. The wine tasting kit includes everything you need to have a successful party.
As with most other home sales, the more you sell, the higher your profit percentage. Plus, you are allowed to sell your wines on the Traveling Vineyard’s web site!

With the Traveling Vineyard, you can build your own sales force and have fun doing it, or you can simply use it to taste wines before you purchase the wines yourself.

You can literally have a party that lasts all day, with people coming and going throughout the day. You can have as many parties as you can handle, and the returns can mount up tremendously. So, why drudge around throughout the daily grind, when you can party and make money. It only make good common sense!

You can tell from the web sites and from social media lists, that the Traveling Vineyard is picking up steam, and it is time to join this fun and rewarding group.