Home-Based Wine Business Perfect For Wine Lovers

The Traveling Vineyard is a business trend for people who love wines and would like to earn money at the comfort of their homes.

Any regular person with no professional experience may join. Anyone who loves wine can turn their hobby into a home-based business. Basically, the business is about having their own wine tasting at their homes and they can earn money.

So, this is how it works – the Traveling Vineyard has a business model based on 5 Fs: Flexibility, Financial Reward, Fun, Fulfillment and Friendship that you can use for the business to market the wines and earn money. If you’re an interested stay at home mom who loves wines, you can schedule wine tasting with your friends or clients at your convenient time and get your paycheck regularly. You just need to sign up and get a success kit that eventually be sold to your other friends who want to start up their own. The success kit that they call includes the wine guide that you need to start and run the business. Through this you can have home tasting events and online sales that would add up to your pay check.

The Traveling Vineyard has a good name on social media now, and is reputable as a member of the Direct Selling Association.It is a hobby that can be developed as a career. You are not expected to sell wines, but just to market them, its not a very difficult job after all. Not only it has a low startup cost, it is easy to make money since wine is a consumable product.

The Copa Star Is Leaving Hospital Traditions In The Past

In the business world, there are numerous professions that are important to a large number of people. One of these professions is the medical profession. Millions of people are impacted by the medical profession. When people need medical care, it is the medical profession that provides the medical care that is needed. There are a variety of professional careers in the medical profession. Many people know about the most popular such as doctors and nurses. However, the medical profession consist of many different types of career paths.

One of the most important positions in the medical profession is hospital administrator. This is a position that is rarely talked about by many people but is essential to the successful operation of any hospital. Hospital administrators are in charge of managing hospitals. They make the decisions that impact many people. These include people who work at the hospitals and the patients that are cared for in hospitals.

For many years, hospital administrators were mainly professionals who had a medical background. The tradition of the medical profession was to bring medical people up through the ranks to ultimately become hospitals administrators who could run the hospitals. However, in the past few decades there has been a move in many hospital to go against tradition and choose professionals without a medical background to run hospitals. Many of these professionals come into the hospital administrator position with a business background.

In many cases, hospital administrators with a business background run hospitals differently than administrators with a medical background. One of the ways that the difference is noticeable is in the building of new hospitals. The Copa Star is a hospital in Brazil that was built within the past few years. The Copa Star is unlike most traditional hospitals. There are many people who would not be able to recognize the Copa Star as a hospital. The appearance of the Copa Star is more like a luxury hotel than the traditional hospital.

The Copa Star has all the amenities of a five star hotel. As a result, the cost of the Copa Star is much more than the typical hospital. The owners of the Copa Star wanted a hospital that stood out from the crowd. The Copa Star provides a beautiful look with outstanding medical service. The hospital has top medical equipment along with some of the latest technology on the market.

In addition, the Copa Star has some of the best medical professionals in Brazil on the hospital staff. The owners of the Copa Star want the hospital to become the most popular hospital in Brazil.

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InnovaCare Health is led by leading physicians

InnovaCare Health is the leading provider of healthcare services today in North America. There are two primary avenues through which care is being provided here. Namely, these are the Provider Networks along with the Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs. This way quality healthcare is being provided. Hence models have been created that are both sustainable as well as cost-effective. Besides, these have been fully integrated with the latest technologies to provide the best healthcare to patients.

The Mission of InnovaCare Health is to redefine healthcare management as they move ahead in order to meet the challenges that are present in the highly complex healthcare environment today.

They have a clear vision as they focus on fostering strong relationships between the patient and provider. In fact, InnovaCare Health and its subsidiaries have been building sustainable models about managed care. These are coordinated as well as cost-effective. Besides, these are innovative and completely driven by quality.

InnovaCare Health is all about values. They believe that patients should always come first and not profits. Their end goal is to provide quality medical care. The building of patient-provider relationships should be done in a manner to achieve much healthier outcomes. The aim should be to enhance the quality of life.

All these are highly innovative medical practices. Hence they have to be driven by leading physicians. This will ensure quality care as well as efficiency and sustainability in providing healthcare services.

After all, growth in any organization would require experienced leadership. This will help to achieve result-oriented goals that are based on corporate integrity. Healthcare management would require that stakeholders are held accountable. This is possible through high standards of quality as well as transparency.

Hence teams must have a clear vision, as they provide effective communication. There has to be a willingness to find effective solutions to all kinds of tough challenges. Read more about Innovacare at Crunchbase.com

The same values are exhibited by Dr. Richard Shinto who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. Earlier he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Aveta Inc. from 2008 to 2012. Dr. Shinto is also the CEO of InnovaCare’s Health Plans that is based in Puerto Rico.

He has over 20 years of clinical as well as operational healthcare experience. Dr. Shinto has also served as the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California and for the Medical Pathways Management Company too.

Visit their website at Innovacarehealth.com

Vijay Eswaran: Learning From Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings are usually tied to political and civil struggles facing nations, but one man has also taken them to heart in the business community. That man is Vijay Eswaran, a successful entrepreneur who co-founded QI Group, and a philanthropist whose given to others through the RYTHM Foundation.

To Eswaran, Gandhi’s teachings of using peace and good ethics and principles as a means to fight injustice also have a place in a world that’s usually dominated by greed and doing anything to get ahead.

Instead, Eswaran promotes tranquility and spirituality at his company and believes in Gandhi’s other principles of listening and observing before speaking. Eswaran’s accomplishments have earned him many honorable mentions and accolades in Forbes Asia.

Vijay Eswaran is originally from Malaysia but has lived throughout the world and had close ties to India, Singapore, The Philippines and other nations.

He attended college at the London School of Economics where he got his early business training in socio-economics. Eswaran didn’t start his career in a comfy corporate office, but instead found himself working several manual labor jobs in construction, grape harvesting and cab driving prior to founding a company.

He completed his MBA at Southern Illinois University in 1986 and started out as a consultant for IT companies including IBM and Synaptics.

Eswaran started multilevel marketing as a part time job while still living in the US, but then returned to Malaysia and started going into it full time.

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran helped the Cosway Group, a Malaysian multilevel marketing company launch a new branch in the Philippines, but then decided he was going to form his own company. In 1998, Eswaran co-founded QI Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

QI Group is primarily known for its direct selling company, QNet which sells jewelry, home improvement products and miscellaneous items through independent sales representatives.

They also sponsor a marketing and sales training program through Quest International University Perak and own a logistics and warehouse chain at Quex Courier.

Fabletics Adds Physical Stores

The retail world is buzzing about Fabletics adding a large number of physical stores to their previous marketing strategy. Their success began with their introduction of an online retail clothing subscription site that primarily offered clothing to women. The clothing line was part of the acivewear movement that was sweeping across the country. However, the company was a bit different. They offered their customers a subscription based, membership service that delivered customized clothing straight to their home on a monthly basis. However, members were allowed to skip any month desired. Now, they are using the reverse showrooming technique to attract more customers to their stores.


How Does Fabletics’ Reverse Showrooming Work?

Fabletics was one of the first online retailers to discover that the reverse showrooming technique really worked to bring in more customers. Customers like to browse the Fabletics website, searching for the latest trends and clothing. They make their selections, based on the clothing that they review online. Instead of making the purchase online, they visit the physical store to make their purchases. Currently, it is estimated that over half the people that walk through the door are already “VIP Members.” Furthermore, another large percentage of non-members join in the physical store. This is actually, a very good accomplishment for Fabletics. Fabletics has discovered that reverse showrooming has led to the opportunity to increase their sales and customer base.


Why It Works

Of course, it is all about understanding the customer’s interest and taste in styles and clothing. The fact is that the Fabletics website holds a warehouse of information. They store all the information concerning customer preferences and make sure that the physical stores carry the same type of outfits. They combine this with other global and social media data to design stores that carry the type of clothing that satisfies the customer. Fabletics has experienced tremendous growth over the years. Insiders believe that it is due to their ability to collect data that follows global fashion trends, along with the ability to stock their stores with those trends.



Kate Hudson is an actress and the founder of Fabletics. The company is based upon her philosophy concerning creating clothing that inspired women to live a healthier lifestyle. Fabletics is defining a new way for the consumer to purchase their clothing online and is in a head to head competition with global giant, Amazon. In fact, their high quality clothing at affordable prices is taking control in a highly competitive market.


Fabletics is attracting attention across the country. One satisfied customer is Teri Hutcheon, the blogger behind A Foodie Stays Fit. In Terri’s review about Fabletics, she shares that she is a paying member of Fabletics and wears their workout clothes. She doesn’t know why everyone doesn’t join Fabletics VIP membership club. She enjoys the main perk, which is getting completely customized clothing personally designed for you each month. It is a great deal.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler’s high-power moves ????

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Career Evolution from Dentistry to the Relationship between Dental Problems and Sleep Disorders

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the co-founder and owner of Dental Sleep Masters. He has a long history of treating sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. In 1999, Avi set up Old Bridge Dental Care and earned several recognitions from the community, including the Best Dentist title for several years. In 2010, he launched Healthy Heart Sleep to help physicians from across the world in setting up and developing sleep labs. Avi established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2010 to provide training to doctors treating sleep apnea patients. In 2014, Avi introduced the use of oral appliances in the treatment program to help dentists understand the relationship between dental illnesses ad sleep disturbances. Dr. Avi is a graduate of the Rutgers University with a BA in psychology and biology, and a DDS from the New York University School of Dentistry. Currently, Avi helps medical practitioners treating sleep apnea to expand their knowledge on the matter and provide patients with the correct treatment.

Avi explains that his major motivation of starting Dental Sleep Masters was to shine a light in the unexplored world of the relationship between sleeping disorders and dental complications. He stated that his background in dentistry and marketing allowed him to provide the unique services available at Dental Sleep Masters.  Avi creates new ideas by visualizing noted thoughts on his notebook or phone and regionally markets them to ensure simplicity of goods and services to customers.

Weisfogel checks into the office at 6.00 am and spends an hour praying before speaking with his life coach for the next one hour. He spends the rest of the office hours handling office tasks such as taking calls, writing blogs, attending meetings, speaking to members and closing deals. Avi explains that he keeps track of his tasks by scheduling everything. Dr. Avi believes the repeat of practicing essential skills and taking constructive criticism strengthens his projects and helps him improve his work. He values interacting with professionals in various industries from around the world to create innovative solutions for customers.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0BEWJeD5w8

Norman Pattiz Announces Launch of “Beyond the Darkness” Podcast

The new podcast, “Beyond the Darkness”, explores the paranormal, Norman Pattiz, the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne announced recently. PodcastOne is a leading advertiser-supported podcast network in the United States. This new podcast is unique and will feature educative and entertaining conversations with many celebrated researchers and experiencers, challenging all ideas that you have heard or currently hold about angels, demons, ghouls, miracles, ghosts, aliens, mysteries, and monster encounters. Tim Dennis, a radio producer and host, and Dave Schrader, a renowned author, will host the podcast and ensure new episodes are released every Monday.


Chris has stood out as one of the jewels of the PodcastOne network, according to Norman Pattiz.


Chris Jericho also said that he was pleased to announce the addition of this new podcast to the Jericho Network. Another thing that stoked him is the amazing ability of both Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis to bring their massive fanbases that fully believe in them and their subject matter alike. Because of this, he is optimistic that “Beyond the Darkness” will evolve their already mass of followers on The Jericho Network and scare the crap out of them in the process.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz, also popularly known as Norm, served as the chief executive officer of PodcastOne until June 23, 2016, and he has been an executive chairman at this organization from June 23, 2016. Since August 2010, he served as a consultant for Westwood One Inc. Also, Norman Pattiz founded WestwoodOne in 1974 and served as their chief executive officer from then until February 3, 1994.  Norman further founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 and most recently introduced PodcastOne.


Norman was appointed by President Clinton in 2000 and again by President Bush in 2002 to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. This board manages ll US nonmilitary broadcasting services including Radio Liberty, Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Free Europe, and The Voice of America. Other than his amazing background in broadcasting, Normal Pattiz serves the University of California as a regent and also the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories as the chairman. Moreover, he also serves as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Pacific Council on International Relations.

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A Fun Money Making Opportunity Selling Wine!

You can find a dream job! You can work at home and party at the same time. You can set your own hours, and determine when, and if, you are going to work. And, this work is more like play than work. How can you do this? Have a wine tasting party.

The Traveling Vineyard’s business model in simple, and unique. You’ve heard of parties and get-togethers to sell candles, crystal, make up, and many other items. Here is one, though, that’s a little different. Wine sells itself. You don’t have to put on a hard sell. You don’t have to convince anyone to buy the wine.

You will deal with fine wines from all over the world. The Traveling Vineyard collection has a wine to suit anyone’s tastes, be it dry or sweet, red or white, bubbly or smooth. There is a wine for everyone, and just about everyone loves wine. It will literally sell itself for you, so you don’t have to pressure anyone to purchase it.

Here is how it works:

You purchase a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting kit, and you invite your friends to your house for a wine tasting party. The wine tasting kit includes everything you need to have a successful party.
As with most other home sales, the more you sell, the higher your profit percentage. Plus, you are allowed to sell your wines on the Traveling Vineyard’s web site!

With the Traveling Vineyard, you can build your own sales force and have fun doing it, or you can simply use it to taste wines before you purchase the wines yourself.

You can literally have a party that lasts all day, with people coming and going throughout the day. You can have as many parties as you can handle, and the returns can mount up tremendously. So, why drudge around throughout the daily grind, when you can party and make money. It only make good common sense!

You can tell from the web sites and from social media lists, that the Traveling Vineyard is picking up steam, and it is time to join this fun and rewarding group.

Source: http://www.merchantcircle.com/the-traveling-vineyard1-ipswich-ma

Jason Hope: The Arizona Futurist

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based philanthropist, entrepreneur, and futurist. He has always had a passion for technology, graduating with his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University and a MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

As an entrepreneur, Jason Hope knows that creating a new business is never an easy or simple process. His knowledge about business allows him to invest in other businesses and help others to bring their ideas to life. He supports individuals and young business owners in the business ventures. Knowing that young entrepreneurs often have wonderful ideas but lack experience and finances, Jason Hope mentors and helps fund their ideas to make them reality.

Jason Hope is passionate about giving back to the community by helping numerous local organizations. His main goal is to see his hometown area in Arizona thrive.  One of his biggest passions has become the SENS Foundation.

SENS goal is take a different approach to anti-aging. Their goal is not to create a life that lives forever, but a life that is longer and full of better quality.

They are completely focused on finding cures for aging diseases like Alzheimer’s and heart/lung diseases. Their hope is that through research, they can stop these diseases from ever happening in the first place. Jason Hope supports organizations and foundations like this because he believes that breaking down walls is the key to innovation and growth.

His work in the technology industry is all about the future. He aims his work at numerous fields of research and development, creating things like desktop software, mobile apps, and devices that help embrace the power of technology to promote connectivity. He believes this connectivity can improve the human condition. As a futurist, he continuously works with individuals and businesses to help guide them in the right direction as they develop new, cutting edge technology-based advancements. His hope is that he will help create innovative technologies that will create more ease and enjoyment in every person’s daily life.

Nationwide Title Clearing Eases The Process Of Ordering Property Reports

Wrongful foreclosures and stagnation of asset transition, which result from title defects, has been a major problem in the real estate industry. Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), Inc. has responded to a call for action regarding the issue by launching a unique service of online ordering of property reports. NTC is a leading company that undertakes comprehensive research and processes documents for the mortgage and financial industry. NTC’s executives asserted that for one to have a clear title conveyance and reduce the risk of buyback or failure to foreclose, property records are significant. NTC has launched an updated website to ensure that the process of securing property reports is simple by making them available online.

They include basic problems with wording in the document, especially those that do not comply with the required standards. The others are when a significant signature is missing in a document, documents with previous liens and other encumbrances, and wrong procedure of filling. The CEO of NTC, John Hillman said that before transferring property, it is crucial to ensure that the documents have complied with the real estate standards and requirements. The property reports available via online ordering are Tax Status Reports and Tax Status (plus) reports, Assignment verification report services, and Current Owner Reports. This information was originally mentioned on National Mortgage New’s website as explained in the following link http://www.nationalmortgagenews.com/press_releases/nationwide-title-clearing-revamps-website-online-ordering-available-1041942-1.html

About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc

NTC was established in 1991. It is based in Palm Harbor in Florida. The company serves mortgage lenders, investors, and servicers, including the country’s top ten residential mortgage servicers. NTC aims to assist the mortgage banking industry, protect homeowners and conserve the land records of the nation. They have earned respect and reputation for delivering the most accurate research and top quality documentation, which is unmatched in the industry. They attribute their success to their deep understanding of their clients’ needs and commitment to offer customized property reports that leave clients happy.

NTC obtains its data from multiple sources, especially the counties. Their operations comply with the county requirements of documentation in all 3,600 jurisdictions. Due to their successful expansion program and contribution to the community, NTC was ranked position 26 in 2013’s list of Fast 50 Awards of the fastest growing firms in Tampa Bay. They emerged position 2,730 and 1,900 consecutively on the 2012 and 2013 Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies in America. NTC is also a two-time recipient of the Inc. Hire Power award.

Learn more: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapid=30747474